Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Plan for 100% Renewable Electricity for the European Union

European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) revealed their latest plan to power the European Union with 100% renewable electricity.

Actually, EREC, with the Greenpeace International, had published  a vision of 100% renewable energy world that can be achievable between 2050 and 2100. (Greenpeace International, & European Renewable Energy Council (EREC). (2008). Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable Global Energy Outlook. This report has its own homepage at

So this new plan, called "RE-thinking 2050," seems to have been developed from the 2008 report.
EREC's new vision forecasts that the EU's electricity demand in 2050 will be 5000 TWh. They assess the future installation of renewable power plants will supply 100% of the demand projection.

Because renewable energy cannot completely replace fossil fuel in transport sector, the overall energy consumption is not 100% from renewable sources. But they analyzed a significant reduction in total energy demand is possible, thanks to energy efficiency improvement.

I am not sure whether their policy recommendations can really assure this plan to be implemented in the real world. I doubt not. I hope so.

Source: European Renewable Energy Council. (2010). RE-thinking 2050: A 100% Renewable Energy Vision for the European Union. [Full-text at]

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