Monday, April 5, 2010

Compare the Prices of Carbon Dioxide in the US and the UK

How come the price of CO2 is so low (less than a quarter of the UK one) in the United States?

Carbon price in 2010 (in 2005 US$)
US: $20.16 per tonne CO2e
UK: $85.33 per tonne CO2e

Data Source
US: U.S. Department of Energy. (2010). Social Cost of Carbon for Regulatory Impact Analysis Under Executive Order 12866. Retrieved from
UK: Department of Energy and Climate Change. (2009). Carbon Valuation in UK Policy Appraisal: A Revised Approach. Retrieved from

Original numbers
US: $21.4 (in 2007 US$)
UK: £52   (in 2009 UK£)

2007/2005 in US: 1.062 (
2009/2005 in UK: 1.108 (

Average Currency Exchange Rate in 2005 (

$1 = £0.550

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