Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Satisfying 80% of Europe's Electricity Needs by Renewable Sources

A group of authors published a power supply roadmap for Europe by 2050.
This time, 80% of Europe's electricity supply comes from renewable sources. (Remaining 20% is covered by 10% fossil energy with CCS and 10% nuclear power. So the authors assert their plan can achieve 100% decarbonized power supply.)
80% is still ambitious. However, this plan is more realizable than the 100% renewable energy plan which heavily depended upon inter-continental transmission lines in that the electricity is produced in Europe only.
Instead of North Africa, the Iberian peninsular (mostly Spain) will supply the largest portion of renewable electricity with concentrated solar power (CSP) and onshore wind energy. Consequently, a major investment is required to build new transmission lines between Spain and France.

European Climate Foundation (ECF). (2010). Roadmap 2050: A Practical Guide to a Prosperous, Low Carbon Europe.
Download all 3 volumes of the report from

Authors of each volume:

Volume I  : Technical and Economic Analysis: McKinsey & Company; KEMA; The Energy Futures Lab at Imperial College London; Oxford Economics and the ECF

Volume II : Policy Report: E3G; The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands and the ECF

Volume III: Graphic Narrative: The Office for Metropolitan Architecture and the ECF

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