Wednesday, April 28, 2010

US EPA Selects 24 Indicators of Climate Change

The U.S. EPA published a report to interpret 24 indicators of climate change it has picked out.

The 24 indicators are tracking quantifiable causes or effects of climate change and divided into five big categories.

1. Greenhouse Gases
1) U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2) Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
3) Atmospheric Concentrations of Greenhouse Gases
4) Climate Forcing
2. Weather and Climate
5) U.S. and Global Temperature
6) Heat Waves
7) Drought
8) U.S. and Global Precipitation
9) Heavy Precipitation
10) Tropical Cyclone Intensity
3. Oceans
11) Ocean Heat
12) Sea Surface Temperature
13) Sea Level
14) Ocean Acidity
4. Snow and Ice
15) Arctic Sea Ice
16) Glaciers
17) Lake Ice
18) Snow Cover
19) Snowpack
5. Society and Ecosystems
20) Heat-Related Deaths
21) Length of Growing Season
22) Plant Hardiness Zones
23) Leaf and Bloom Dates
24) Bird Wintering Ranges

Every chapter for each indicator offers exact sources of data sets. Explanation can be different from person to person. Reliable data sources are good for everyone from every environmental entity.

Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency. (2010). Climate Change Indicators in the United States (EPA 430-R-10-007). Washington, DC: United States Environmental Protection Agency. [Full-text and Technical Information at]

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