Sunday, November 24, 2013

Comparison of Global CO2 Emissions Estimates by GCP, IEA, BP, EDGAR, and US EIA (1990-2012)

How do different institutions' estimates of global carbon dioxide emissions compare?

Table. Global CO2 emissions (unit: million tonnes of CO2)

IEA (sectoral approach)20,98921,14321,07421,17021,30121,85122,42322,66622,77822,92823,75923,980
IEA (reference approach)21,54621,48821,36321,52621,62422,11222,63722,83722,85723,29723,98224,192
EDGAR (EC JRC & PBL)22,66722,69022,58422,79622,95023,61924,21924,39024,58924,79725,36125,449
US EIA21,52321,43221,34721,50221,64922,01022,50823,04423,14623,45924,15024,244

IEA (sectoral approach)24,35925,43926,62827,50128,33229,26829,47828,96630,50931,342

IEA (reference approach)24,68125,76427,18827,96528,84829,59129,95129,72931,54532,332

EDGAR (EC JRC & PBL)26,06627,18728,55229,34630,34531,41031,96231,57432,99233,98634,453
US EIA24,92525,98927,13428,26229,02929,73330,25630,23631,50232,579

Note: Original carbon contents of CO2 emissions in the GCP estimates were multiplied by a conversion factor (= 44.0095/12.0107) to make CO2-equivalent numbers.

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