Thursday, April 15, 2010

Levelized Costs of Electricity Generation (LCOE)

I updated the list in a new post for the year of 2011. Please move to the post cited below.

Park, H. (2011). Levelized Costs of Electricity Generation (LCOE) - 2011 Update [Blog post]. Retrieved from


  1. Great! Thanks alot for summarizing the sources - very helpful!

  2. This is so wonderful. Thank you for finding this and putting it together!

  3. thank u thank u...

  4. It is a wonderful collection of links for the Levelized costs of renewables!
    Like to see the latest figures with more lowering costs of Solar PV both c-Si and Thinfilm and wind. The costs of Nuclear plants are expected to go up after the recent accident in Japan!
    You can get the latest on Solar from my Solar Energy Blog please.